Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hobby Center of N M College Juhu Mumbai

Bharti Jain, a painter and teacher invited us to do a photography workshop at Hobby Center of N M College Juhu. I went with Anuja Gupta to do the basic teaching. then a photo compition was organized by the hobby center. theam was family and friends. Arun K the noted painter came along with us to judge. I was surprised to see the effort of Chandani and Shivani. here are some memories of the event dated 18sep. 2009 at Juhu Jagriti hall Juhu, Mumbai India.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sudharak Helena at Cymroza art gallery

yesterday was a big day for the 17 women who are taking up Photography classes with sudharak olwe and me. the ninth day of the workshop was held at cymroza art gallery, mumbai India, where
sudharak and helena is holding their two person show of photography exchange.
well this does not seem to be an official reporting of the art event or show.
i have been always conected with this workshop as part of the learning and teaching and it always gives me a great pleasure to be in a workshop as life is a workshop.
here the pictures are of the gallery.