Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Regarding the Cone & Yashwant deshmukh

Regarding the Cone was a one person show by my friend Yashwant Deshmukh at Janhagir Art Gallery, Mumbai in November 2008. I wanted to do a video based on the show. but when proposed to yashwant to make a small digital film to preserve the memories of the show- he agreed. I am always interested in the words people speak about visuals. (can You watch a silent film on TV?) though my friends always tell me that there is too much spoken words in my films.
when i imagine a film on art- i am always interested in the questions- why it is so important? what the artists are seeing which a common person like us go on missing?
thus the need to talk arises. so , if you can see and understand- then there is no need of a verbal explanation. but - how many people are really visually literate? (that including me too).
so, the film i was trying to make needed people who can talk about Yashwant's work.
Yashwant suggested Nitin Arun Kulkarni. He is an artist, poet and a critique of art.
But he is also a teacher at NIFT, Mumbai. it was difficult to get a whole day to interview him- which happened at his residence in Panvel.
The other person is my friend Abhijeet Tamhane. Abhijeet had an accident and broke his leg. when i called him to meet- he was a handicap. I still remember him coming out of a auto-rickshaw near thane station. we had several cups of teas in a small shop at the bus stop. discussing the idea of the film.
I waited for his recovery - and i am happy that e could manage to record his interview.
The film was ready.
Yashwant came home and watched the film on my mac and approved.
I felt - we need a small intro in beginning of the film. That was one more reason in the delay of the film.
and one day my Mac computer crashed.
thank GOD- the film was safe in my external hard drive.
but then - I needed help of some one to work on his mac.
then my friend Brajesh came into the picture.
He has a mac. His brother Bibhash is an editor. so i can use his machine to finalize the film.
but then- they went for a month long vacation to their MULUK.
on 26 of October-2009
I went to Brajesh's home.
Brajesh nad Bibhash- both saw the film.
Bibhash was excited to see the film and wanted to rework on certain places.
I was delighted to get some pro-help for the film.
we started working on the film.
and thanks to the editing skill of Bibhash- the film got this look.
I uploaded the film on YOUTUBE.
I strongly feel that the time is to use the technology and reach out to the world.

It Takes time.
and it took almost ONE YEAR to complete this small film.
This film is copyright free.
so if you want to download and show it in any art school or gallery- you do not need any permission. and need not carry any guilt. enjoy and share!