Thursday, February 12, 2009

gender issue and my friend VIBHA RANI

12th feb 2009
kala ghoda arts festival, mumbai, India
location -national gallery of modern art hall
time - 7.30pm

Vibha Rani is my friend.
she has invited  me to see her hindi play- balchanda, the child moon.

she is the writer and the sole performer of the show.

the play is about the woman issue and the indian society's need of a male child.
it is crueal to kill the embryo after finding out that it will be born as GIRL.

the script is great.
performance is superb
congrats Vibha ji!

over the years i have been witnessing this gender issue my self.
thanks to my father late shital prasad pandey- we never had this issue in our famliy.
he educated all his daughters to become teachers- so that they can earn their own share of money and contribute it to there own family.
and all my sisters are having great life beyond this gender issue in india.
though there will be other problems will keep coming- mostly economical.
this economical problem is mostly comes with the number of child they have produced.
but that time i did not have this question in mind- why they produce 3 to 4 children, if they are not economicallly sound.
now the kids are grown-up and moved to the metros from small village chasing their own share of dreams.
i was waiting out side the theater chatting with my friends- madhu manek and mohanbhai of mulund.
madhu bhai's son is in london and he is pursuing him to get married.
'what do you feel ravi? should he get married?"
what i can say madhu bhai- it is his life. he should decide for himself.- i had replied.
just before this mohan bhai was telling about their nebouher - they have a real naughty kid.
lonly mother at home does not know what to do with his energy.
so he had to go to school twice in a day. two different school

family system in india is changing.
we do not have brothers, sisters, chacha chachi bhaiya bhabhi at home- so the kid can get more adults in their life.
husband is blaming wife.
wife is blaming husband.
life goes on in earning money.
even your charecter is constantly blaming the poor husband for being a mama's boy.

osho had the solution.
he is against marriage.
all the problems in human life is coming from the expectations.
the relationship.
the role playing.
we all need love.
but love alone is not enough.
love with freedom and understanding

ultimate quest for human being is MOKSHA
the ultimate freedom.

am I against marriage?
somtimes i ask myself.
it has been arodous path with uma.
more than 20 years of constant struggle and disagreement.
a very common story of indian middle class family
who does not wish to surrender to what is the normal way of city life-
exist to earn
where every move is make money.
in the age- when stories and poetry has vanished from the newspapers.
we start our day reading the times of india as an average mumbaite.
what salmans and prietys are doing
who is romancing with whom is the news.

you have to make your own way to be happy.
smile is happiness.
also see this video on marriage and laugh aloud!



Friday, February 6, 2009

faculty @ NIFT

I wake up late to write and share again.
the January ended without net at home. we tried to get faster connection.
reliance or tata?
applied for both.
they could not help
reliance came to install the net.
but the signal was not proper so they went back.
tata's name and branding failed to even come.
200 people from my own sector applied for the connection for tata net.
strange- they did not turn-up.
this is the time of franchising services.
i am sure there is some great mistake in the system.
(some tata official reading these words must check in)

I have started teaching photography at NIFT mumbai.
thanks to my friends Mahendra Damle
who introduced me to Nitin Arun Kulkarni.

Also thanks to MTV.
they gave me the chance to shoot photos for Roadies 5.o

so here i am at NIFT khar ghar.
locally they call it Fashion Collage!

building is modern open and gives a great sense of freedom and space.
it looks more like an Architectural school than a FASHION COLLAGE

not a single display of textile or clothing or fashion pictures in the campus.
we need to shoot and display these images folks!
hope you are listening!

students are always students!
they are still in a school.
not used to a professional course.
they more interested in getting attendance and the marking system.

I am learning to teach in a class room to the students who are forced by the system to learn.
my earlier teaching experience is -teaching to the much younger and underprivileged children..
who never dreamt of learning photography.
they are keen learn.
listen carefully.
enthusiastic to hold the camera we provide them.

they show pictures with great enthu.
not for the marking.

here at nift things are changing.
i really enjoyed the 50 picture presentation of the students..
they were suppose to show 50 fresh pictures- shooting subject of their own choice.
i enjoy their vision-
they are growing....
as i compare their first presentation which was much hesitation from their side.
keep it up folks!

we are going to shoot great pictures like this one......