Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Art is meditation; any activity becomes meditation if you are lost
in it, so don’t just remain a technician. If you are just a technician
then painting will never become a meditation, you have to be crazily
into it, madly into it, completely lost, not knowing where you are
going, not knowing what you are doing, not knowing who you are.
This state of not knowing will be meditation; let it happen. The
painting should not be painted but only allowed to happen – and I
don’t mean that you just remain lazy, no, then it will never happen. It
has to ride on you, you have to be very very active and yet not doing
it. That is the whole knack, that is the whole crux of it: you have to be
active and yet not a doer.
Go to the canvas. For a few minutes just meditate, just sit silently
there before the canvas. It has to be like automatic writing. You take
the pen in your hand and you sit silently and suddenly you find a jerk
in the hand and it is not that you have done it, you know that you
have not done it. You were simply waiting for it. The jerk comes and
the hand starts moving, something starts happening.
That way you should start your painting. A few minutes
meditation, just being available. Whatsoever is going to happen you
will allow to happen. You will bring all your expertise into letting it
Take the brush and start. Go slowly in the beginning, so that you
don’t bring yourself in. Just go slowly. Let the subject start flowing
through you on its own accord and then be lost in it. And don’t think
of anything else. Art has to be for art’s sake, then it is meditation. No
motive should be allowed to enter into it. And I’m not saying that you
are not going to sell your painting or you are not going to exhibit it;
that is perfectly OK but that is a by-product. That is not the motive.
One needs food so one sells the painting, but it hurts that one sells it;
it is almost like selling your child. But one needs to so it is OK. You
feel sad, but it was not the motive; you had not painted it to sell. It
has been sold – that is another thing – but the motive is not there,
otherwise you will remain a technician.

Friday, June 12, 2009

too much to write on

SIR why dont you blog?
ask the student.
no time
i replied

there are so much happening around
and it is difficult to be honest and truthful

if you can not afford to be truthful
why do you write?

i wanted to write about the institute- i just left.
i wanted to write about the youth-who feel being diplomatic
is important for so many reasons.
i wanted to write about the girl - who accepted my love. (and chats with me on phone endlessly)
i wanted to write about the great films i saw recently.
(like ROMA of felini, GREAT DICTATOR of chaplin, PATHER PANCHALI of Ray)

i wanted to write about the group show at canon gallery atria mall worlie,
where few of my pictures are on display (and i do not know which one!)
i wanted to write about my friend SUDHARAK OLWE, who always manage to take me with him to the places.
(this time we are going to kashmir for the photography workshop)

i wanted to write about my workshop in kashmir valley.
i wish to write the whole experience of visiting kashmir valley
after more than 22 years.

i wish to write about ANHAK SCHOOL of MEDIA STUDIES who are trying to teach people film making in the kashmir valley.

i wish to write about ABEER GUPTA,
he is a great person to be with.
loads of experience and very sensitive friend.

i wish to write about the beautiful kashmir valley and army every where,
which has inspired mani ratnam to make ROJA,
i could feel- exactly- what these film makers ( who made films with the backdrop of kashmir and terror felt when you drive passing 3.5 km JAWAHAR TUNNEL and enter the valley.)

i wish to write about the 5 hour long wait out side jawahar tunnel (2.30am to 8am)
i wish to write about the sms MUMBAI MIRROR's kasmir correspondent ANIL RAINA wrote to us that night-
'welcome to KASHMIR!
the most beautiful place on earth
and most dangerous too!'

i wish to write about our beautiful drive in to the the kasmir valley in the morning sunlight. it was worth all night wait in the dark jungle.
thank god we did not drive in night passing this beautiful landscape.

i wish to write about the 10 days long curfew we faced during the stay in srinagar.
5 of our kashmir based students did not turn-up for the workshop.
two boys- ROBIN and GOVIND travelled from gujarat to attainend the photography workshop.
Billal Ahemad from BARAMULA, was the most open sincere students of the lot.
Gabrial, the student from kanyakumari, learning film making in srinagar.

i wish to write about PRIYANKA BORPUJARI, the crime reporter, journalist from MUMBAI MIRROR, who is travelling with us.

i wish to write about the night we spend at pahalgam 5 degree centigrade.
the horse ride to meadow where all the bollywood films were shot.
our journey to chandanvadi to walk on snow passing betab valley, (where film Betab was shot- remember JAB HAM JAWAN HONGE!)

i always wanted to ask-
why does the long distance trains need to wait just out side the destination for half an hour?
why do the airconditioned compartments re-create 'winter' inside?
why new delhi railway station does not allow selling quality food on the platforms?
why veg cutlet is the only snack available in side the journey.

i need to sit on the computer and work on all the digital photos i enjoyed clicking there.
in good old days- we use to retur from the journey and send the roll to the lab and relax.
now it is hell of the job.
because i click too much.