Wednesday, March 18, 2009

more pictures of the workshop with Shahidul Alam

 The room was filled with lense persons. Prints were displayed on the table and all of us were around. I was constantly clicking pictures.

i am aware many persons present in this event are going to make name in the field of visual arts.
here is your pictures guys!
and do come for the next workshop too!
we are going to announce soon!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shahidul Alam in Mumbai

Sudharak Olwe, my friend and the picture  editor of Mumbai's BOMBAY TIMES informed me about the portfolio review workshop. Shahidul Alam, the activist, journalist and one of the best known photographer from Bangla Desh will be in the city and he will be reviewing the portfolio of the Indian photographers.
this is the first time in the city of mumbai that this kind of activity is being organized. 
Shahidul is known for his active participation for creating platform for the native photographers.
he strongly feel that the western photographers have their own biased vision and interest when they are looking for the stories from this part of the planet.

I met Shahidul Alam in year 2005, when i visited his prestigious CHHOBI MELA- the only photography festival of south east Asia. that time Bangala Desh was going through a political unrest and we were advised to leave the country in just few days.
but this was the first time, i am witnessing the untried energy of the man, who is keen to share, whats over he has- knowledge and experience.
he commented on the photos from various angles.
i was really surprised by the works of the photo students who are more active with their digital cameras now.
there were prints and digital projected images.

i learned that-
turn the photos in black and white when colors are not under your control.

in the WORLD PRESS PHOTO judging, each picture is viewed only for merely 2 second.
then they burn all the photographic prints to save it from the misuse. 
Atul Loke projected his pictures of his on going project of the CHAWL. and Sudharak Olwe shared his story of ZArina and Parvez the Hiv positive couple. Zarina was sex worker in kamathipura.
Sudhark Olwe also projected his work on the changing faces of the kamathipura - the red light are of the mumbai.
Photography Promotion trust will keep organizing this kind of workshop in future too.