Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life is a RELATIONSHIP...says Osho

life is a relationship.
with your own self and with every thing, u think and do.
again sharing the words from osho:
From the chapter,
The Koan of Relationship
relationship is a puzzle with no clue to it.
Howsoever you try to manage it, you will never be able
to manage it. Nobody has ever been able to manage it.
It is made in such a way that it simply remains
puzzling. The more you try to demystify it, the more
mysterious it becomes. The more you try to understand
it, the more elusive it is.
It is a greater koan than any koan that Zen masters
give to their disciples, because their koans are
meditative -- one is alone. When you are given the
koan of relationship it is far more complicated,
because you are two -- differently made, differently
conditioned, polar opposites to each other, pulling in
different directions, manipulating each other, trying
to possess, dominate... there are a thousand and one
While meditating, the only problem is how to be
silent, how not to be caught in thoughts. In
relationship there are a thousand and one problems. If
you are silent, there is a problem. Just sit silently
by the side of your wife and you will see - she will
immediately jump upon you: "Why are you silent? What
do you mean?" Or speak, and you will be in trouble -
whatsoever you say, you are always misunderstood.
No relationship can ever come to a point where it is
not a problem. Or if sometimes you see a relationship
coming to a point where it is no longer a problem,
that simply means it is not a relationship anymore.
The relationship has disappeared - the fighters are
tired, they have started accepting things as they are.
They are bored; they don't want to fight any more.
They have accepted it, they don't want to improve upon
Or, in the past, people tried to create a kind of
harmony forcibly. That's why, down the ages, women
were repressed - that was one way of sorting things
out. Just force the woman to follow the man, then
there is no problem. But it is not a relationship

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