Tuesday, August 11, 2009

who is an Artist ?

artist is the person who takes the risk of living life according to his/her own understanding.
he is coureagious person, who is ready to make mistakes. and life blesses him on a very different level.
the most important change is- he / she does not have fear.
and enjoys every mystries.
in the process of living his/her life- whatsoever he/she does is art.

that may not be a painting or a song.
in fact art happens within you.
but then no one can market it.
search is the art which can be bought and sold.

so the problem is with the people who market art.
not with the artist.
artist can be happy creating and sharing it on the net.
people create wonderful forwards these days
is it not creative?
are they not artist?

corporate world want the icon to sell.
the real art survives the test of time.

Mahabharat have survived the thousands of years.
the greatest story!

which writer can stand with that kind of monumental work.
here people are trying to convince and educate others- what is art- and who is artist....

nobody knows
the name of artist
who painted Ajanta
carved Ellora..
wrote Upnishad....

urge to create
makes you the creator
the artist!

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B!@cK@nGeL said...

beautiful words!!!!

but the greatest artist is the one..who lives his life..happily..without any hassels...what is a greater art then the art of living???(nt the course!)