Friday, July 3, 2009

he wanted me to meet TOBI

it was a surprise!

we are at press club-
we means-
ravi, sudharak, priyanka and surendra rao,
we should have called Pooja too!- says sudharak.

but this , he was telling me 6.30pm in the evening.
i was there with him at VT.
he has asked me to meet in the evening to sit in the press club for the drink!
and i reached.

i did not know why we are going to drink?
he wanted me to meet TOBI,
a german photographer, who was in the city for last seven days, shooting mumbai.
he is on the world tour shooting 11 great cities around the world
he reached mumbai after shooting, cario, narobi, dubai, cape town,
and he will be going to bangkok, shanghai, tokyo and new york.
the pictures will be used with an music orchestra to be staged in muninch in september.

and i shook hands with tobi at press club.
he is a very tall man well built and energetic.
he is a musician and performs on the stage as clown.
he was a mechanical engineer before breaking away to his creative talent.

he showed us the photos of the cities he has shot.

he is carrying a folding bicycle with him.
so for the shoot he goes on his small bicycle.
we came out of press club.
his bicycle (size of the wheels were much smaller than a children's bicycle but with 7 gears) was parked out side the gate.
he is a comic character!
we say him all the best for his future journey!
and he paddled away!


ShrutiWrites said...

WOW!! That sounds like an amazing man. I'm so curious about his bicycle; I thought you must have clicked it :)

Jarul said...

yeah, would have loved to see his bike? What happened you went without your camera??? Tobi seems like an amazing character!!!!