Thursday, July 23, 2009

this friday

mumbai is witnessing the highest tide in the history.
while, i am witnessing the lowest in finencial front.

but life is flux, busy and full of surprises.

i went to dahanu with nachiketa radhi and other friends, not knowing that this may start a new chapter in life.
there i met Hemant Babu and Michellel Chawala of Nomad India.
they are into community radios.
and soon i will be able to explore my hidden talent broadcasting too.

hemant is in the business of setting up low cost transmiters in the different part of the country.
and he felt i will be of some help in trainging people fir creating there own programs.
( he saw two short films on the sunaday evening)
and here i am...
thinking about my early pre-telivison days, when i had a great romance with the radio.
i was a hard core AMEEN SAYANI fan and got selected as a drama artist for ALL INDIA RADIO varanasi, after failing the test twice.

along with SUDHARAK OLWE and PRIYANKA BORPUJARI, i am the part of training 17 women ( i do not want to write that they are muslim and atleast married once, as priyanka wrote in her report. )
we had three sessions so far. and yesterday , they had their first experience of shooting pictures with holding Nikon D3, the most reputed and expensive digital camera of the time.
i will write more about my experiences of these workshops with images.
I promice to myself !


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