Wednesday, July 22, 2009

words from a friend

My friend Nachiketa desai invited me to spend a weekend with other friends at Dahanu.
i met great people who smile and laughed with my camera.
Nachiketa wrote these words for me on orkut !
thank you Nachi for so much love !


The Philosopher Photographer

I met Ravi Shekhar in 2000. I was the editor of's multi-lingual portal and was looking for best of talents who could contribute to the Hindi portal. Ravi, essentially a photographer, had worked for the Hindi weekly Dharmayug and the Illustrated Weekly of India. Indiainfo had a section on 'religion and spiritualism' and another on 'travel and tourism'. Ravi volunteered to write for both the sections. I had not seen his writing and wanted to check out his writing talent.

Ravi returned after two days and handed me an article on the city of Mumbai. The feature on Mumbai had a very refreshing air about it. Since then began our journey together. I must admit here that a factor that drew me endearingly towards Ravi was his Banaras connection. Banarasis are in general 'mast maula' - carefree.

Ravi had come down to Mumbai in 1989 to work with a photo studio which had some ambitious expansion plans. After he helped the owner expand the studio, Ravi was told to go back to Banaras because the studio could not afford to keep him occupied full time. Ravi decided to slog it out in Mumbai.

Ravi started working as a freelance writer-cum-photographer for the Times Group's two most respected weeklies - Dharmayug and the Illustrated Weekly of India. Impressed by his work, the Illustrated Weekly of India offered him a full time job as the staff photographer.

During the course of his work as a photographer, he came to know about Vipassana, the Buddhist method of meditation and self-exploration. He was also attracted to Osho's philosophy. His photography took him all across the country, while his spiritual inclination helped him look inwardly.

Ravi is an amiable person who makes everyone he interacts with comfortable. He radiates peace and harmony. This gets amply reflected in his photography and writing as well.

Ravi, thank you very much for capturing those lovely photographs!

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