Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bombay Roads

like every citizen of the this economic capital of India, i am also fade-up with the
bombay is raining since last 10days and the roads are full of path holes.
but we do not have a system to correct it.
this is the hight of the most visible corruption in the country.
we have news papers publishing the images almost ever day.
but there is nobody in this country who can black list the people who are responsible for this condition.
shame to us mumbaikars who are tolrating this nonsence for years!

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sushil said...

mumbay is not alone pyrelal.come to banaras and see the hell of the oldest living city of the world.nobody bothers about the city, ghats and heritage.
but the narak of mumbay is also very much alarming.if banaras is religious capital then mumbay is business capital of the country.thatswhy sudharo mumbai campaign is must for its future