Monday, August 18, 2008

Vivek vilasini

I met Vivek Vilasini at Bose krishnamachari's studio.
I was making the film for his GHOST TRANSMEMOIRE show.
And Vivek was helping us in the research process.

we sat in a resturant at santacruze, to drink beer.
and that was the longest meeting I had with him.
he is well read person like most of the Kerala born artists.
that time I did not know- what he is up to...

I met him couple of times and find him a very intresting and intelligent person.
Today, I got the information that his pictures are the part of Sothebey's auction in New York.
Congratulations Vivek!
here is the picture titled -LAST SUPPER


h1 said...

last supper on eastern before first breakfast on
ascension day... very good idea to mix kerala
tradition with jewish history.

what about supper today, dear ravi... some dal and very delicious homemade paratha...

greetings h1

AMomWrites said...

That's an amazing concept, quite stunning. Haven't heard of this artist, but then, I am not a person who knows any bit of art.
searched the web after reading your post. Pretty interesting images came up. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

kathakali meets jesus - great!