Tuesday, August 5, 2008

love, sex and infant

i am little cocern about the babies- who can not decide for themselves.
we humans has conditioned to use sex for personal pleasure and do not think babies- who come as the by product of the personal pleasure.
we have our own laws to deal with different kind of situations.
and then we realise that we ar not free.
we have the LAW to decide for our fate.
I am writing these lines in the refrance of two headlines.

you can not take decisions about the birth of your own child.
even mothers can not take decisions about their own babies.
a woman can use advance medical help to borrow the womb for becoming a mother. then get divorce and disown the baby.
then again there is a law-
the father can not take the girl child.

I am worried.
what kind of human race we are becoming?

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