Monday, August 4, 2008


here are few photos from the Mtv SPLITSVILLA
all the photos were clicked by me as I was shooting pulicity stills for them.
it was very hectic shoot.
there was no fix time table.
crew was working almost round the clock.
and girls were not getting their beauty sleep.


h1 said...

heaven or hell it is what one is making out of it

indian girls are quite beautiful, even jamie
oliver has an indian girlfriend. her name
is honey and of course she is vegetarian and
a choreographer for bollywood-movies.

jamie himself is sweet as honey and he was
giving a bollywood party last saturday on
austrian TV.

I joined his show sitting in my appartment in
vienna's famous quarter HEILIGENSTADT.

go on with LeTgo


ravi shekhar said...
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Sharon said...

Love the overhead shot of the girls before ( or was it after? ) the bajate raho session. Loved having you around. Cheers!